About the fund

The objective of the fund is to have a recommended minimum investment period of 7 years to achieve capital growth. There is no capital protection or capital guarantee for this fund, nor for its shareholders. The benchmark is the Morningstar Global Markets index (expressed in Euro). The Morningstar Global Markets gives the return of internationally diversified investments in shares of developed markets. This indicator does not constitute a restrictive definition of the investment universe. This index is only used for the calculation of the performance fee and not for the composition of the portfolio. The composition of it The fund may therefore deviate significantly from the benchmark. Morningstar is the provider and manager of the benchmark.

On the date of this prospectus neither then either the benchmark nor the manager included in the register referred to in Article 36 in accordance with Regulation (EU)2016/1011 from 8 June 2016.The SICAV has taken measures when there is a major adjustment to the benchmark or when it is discontinued of the benchmark. These measures provide an overview of the currently applicable benchmark, what the alternative is, which benchmark can be chosen and which motivation has been determined for this.

Finally it also indicates which alternative solution applies when Morningstar stops offering indexes or would no longer comply with the applicable legislation and as a result could no longer comply if provider and manager. An adjustment of the benchmark will always, in accordance with current legislation, be made known. The entire procedure is addressed to Merit Capital Global upon written request Investment Fund, available for free.