Merit Capital Global Investment Fund (MC GIF)

The term “fund” may refer to Undertakings for Collective Investment established in the form of a company (SICAV) or collective investment fund, as well as a sub-fund of a SICAV or collective investment fund. A fund or Undertaking for Collective Investment combines money that has been injected by a number of investors. It invests that total capital over various investment products. The total capital invested is divided into shares or participations.

Investors can subscribe to these participations. Thus investors are not purchasing shares or bonds from just one company, but rather from a fund that combines investments in various companies and/or public authorities.

The Merit Capital Global Investment Fund is a SICAV with an indefinite maturity. The management of its investment portfolio is delegated to Merit Capital. The capital of a SICAV (Investment company with variable capital) constantly fluctuates. The volume increases when new investors buy in or existing investors intensify their participation. The increase in volume is achieved by issuing new shares. The net investment value (NIV) of the various sub-funds is published in the financial press (De Tijd and l’Echo) and can additionally be obtained from Merit Capital. If investors sell all or part of their shares, the SICAV uses its capital to redeem and pay out these shares.

The Belgian SICAV Merit Capital Global Investment Fund is subdivided into different sub-funds, each with its own investment strategy and a term of indefinite duration. They offer both capitalization and distribution units.

There are two types of shares in the Merit Capital Global Investment Fund:

Capitalization shares

the company automatically pumps dividends back into the fund. Merit Capital recommends this type of share if you wish to make a long-term investment and profit from the additional returns that capitalization can offer.

Distribution shares

any generated dividend is paid annually. Withholding tax must be paid on the dividends paid. Merit Capital recommends this type of share if you do not wish to automatically reinvest any generated dividend back into the compartments.


Why invest in funds?

•  Funds enable you to gain access to markets that are typically intended exclusively for professionals.

•  A fund gives you the opportunity to invest in a highly diversified portfolio. Research has shown that investors with a diversified portfolio achieve more stable or better potential returns in the longer term.

•  By investing in different funds, the company-specific risk decreases significantly, preventing ‘strong turbulence’ and ensuring greater peace of mind. This particularly enables smaller portfolios to achieve the necessary risk spread.

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In the event of complaints, please contact: [email protected].

You can also contact the financial sector ombudsman service via [email protected]

This information is subject to Belgian law and the Belgian courts have exclusive jurisdiction. This fund is subject to tax legislation in Belgium, which may have an impact on your personal situation.

The stock exchange tax for capitalisation shares is 1.32% with a maximum of EUR 4,000. The withholding tax on dividends is 30%. The withholding tax on the added value realised by the debts in which you invest is 30%. The tax implications depend on your specific status and are subject to change.

We recommend that you consult professional advisors for more details.

*This document contains information of an exclusively promotional nature, based on the product features. The investor must review the KIID (Key Investor Information Document), the prospectus and the latest periodic report, which are available free of charge on and in the Merit Capital offices, prior to subscription.

Last but not least

Merit Capital has set up a multi-compartment open-end investment company: the Merit Capital Global Investment Fund, which consists of the following compartments: