Jan Gijsels


Jan Gijsels has been a board member of KBC since 1999. The first ten years as commercial director, later as director of communications. His career started in 1985 as a member of the university credit bank team. After that he worked as a relationship manager at the Turnhout business office. From 1991 to 1993, Jan Gijsels became relationship manager at the Corporate office in Antwerp, more focused on multi-national companies. He then held the position of office director of the Port of Antwerp office, followed by Managing Director network division K&H bank Hungary. In 1999, Jan Gijsels became regional director of 3 different regions, focusing on the merger of 2 networks (KB and Cera). After 10 years he switched to General Manager Communication, followed by General Manager Wealth Office. Since 2018 Jan Gijsels Plato Peter at the Chamber of Commerce, advisor (marketing) communication & start-ups and advisor PercoSens together with the KUleuven. Jan holds a Master’s degree Law, a Postgraduate degree in Business Administration and a Postgraduate degree in Maritime Sciences and Maritime Law.