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Pursue What Matters Most

At the end of the day, it’s not just about your wealth. It’s about what your wealth can accomplish.

Together, you and your Merit Capital Relationship Manager can help prepare your financial life
for today, tomorrow and generations to come – so you can stay focused on what matters most, no matter what the markets are doing. That’s our focus!


Merit Capital provides asset management services with a transparent and personal approach. Transparent, because we tell you everything you need to know. Personal, because your needs always come first.

At Merit Capital we make decisions together with you in order to create a platform for the optimal growth of your wealth.

what we do

Discretionary Wealth Management

With our discretionary wealth management service, we develop comprehensive strategies that are implemented on an individual basis taking into account your chosen risk profile. These centrally-managed portfolios have the advantage that quick action can be taken for a whole range of portfolios if the markets suddenly change.

Advisory Wealth Management

Would you like to actively manage your portfolio, but at the same time get the advice of specialists as well?
Advisory wealth management is the ideal solution for you. With an advisory wealth management contract, you get to take all the decisions about buying and selling financial products yourself.


The term “fund” may refer to Undertakings for Collective Investment established in the form of a company (SICAV) or collective investment fund, as well as a sub-fund of a SICAV or collective investment fund.
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Tax Advice

Merit Capital offers professional advice regarding tax optimization through its preferred partners. This service is provided for clients who choose a professional and an up-to-date advice for structuring their family assets with a focus on easiness of mind combined with maintenance of control.

Institutional Services

Most institutional parties have their own wishes and criteria about investments but are forced to navigate within a strictly regulated framework. Institutional investors need a specialized partner who can work together with them to optimize management services. Merit Capital acts as that reliable partner and adviser.

Estate Planning

Merit Capital serves its clients with expert advice on asset structuring and estate planning. This service is intended for wealthy clients who want professional and up-to-date advice to structure their assets. Power transfer with a focus on peace of mind and possibly control maintenance.

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